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[Dec. 18th, 2007|10:37 am]
Geeky for YOU!


Location:East Coast, Canada

1. Why do you consider yourself a geek? I majored in Philosophy, I read for fun, I love 80s cartoons (I started wearing Rainbow Brite T-Shirts again back in '99, before it was cool) I crochet, cross-stitch and make things out of polymer clay.
2. What type of geeky things have you done? I've volunteered at academic conferences, I was on the executive of the undergrad philosophy society for 3 years, my idea of a night out is a few drinks and playing Wii/PS2/Trivial Pursuit
3. What geeky activities do you participate in? see above
4. What geeky ‘traits’ do you have? passion for cartoons, the uncontrolable urge to correct grammar and pronunciation, buying books is better than buying anything else.
5 Add one more thing about yourself that makes you geekish: I've read the LOTR trilogy 4 times, my goal is to beat my mother's record of 15. I've read the Hitchhiker's "triolgy" 6 times.

Favorites: (1-5 answers for each, please)
-Video games (either consol or computer): Zelda, Mariokart, Kings Quest, Risk (I suck at the table version, but I love the computer versions)
-Movies: Corpse Bride, Mary Poppins, 300
-Bands/Artists: Uhhh... Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Johnny Cash, Nirvana
-Cars: Stingray, Mini, 911
-TV shows: House, Ugly Betty, MythBusters, Family Guy, Bones
-Books: Ha! Can't do that. Author though... Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood, Tolkien, CS Lewis

But according to the following I'm not a geek...