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Application - Geeks X Unite!!! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Geeky for YOU!

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Application [Oct. 20th, 2005|11:44 pm]
Geeky for YOU!

Name: UCQueen
Age: 30’s
Sex: F
Status: Single
Location: STL, MO

1. Why do you consider yourself a geek? I know excessively much about sci-fi movies, television and I am socially challenged. Can you say VR, V, Alien Nation, Nowhere Man, Hitchhikers, Dune, Bradbury, etc….

2. What type of geeky things have you done? Argued with my friends about the validity of sci-fi TV and movies. I used to watch Sci-Fi world and Sliders in the evenings like it was my religion. I love sci-fi chain reactions. Buffy, Angel and I have an unusual relationship.

3. What geeky activities do you participate in? I used to play D & D but currently I do not have a group to play with. I love to watch Nova and Frontline.

4. What geeky ‘traits’ do you have? Did I mention being socially inept. I like Sundance films. I go to artsy movies.

5 Add one more thing about yourself that makes you geekish: I did not have sex or go on my first date until I was an adult.

Favorites: (1-5 answers for each, please)
-Video games (either consol or computer): 5
-Movies: 5
-Bands/Artists: 4
-Cars: 1
-TV shows: 5
-Books: 3

And just for fun; anything else you want to add to sway us a little more? (optional)
I own all of the Star Trek movies. I miss cable because I cannot see the new BSG series. I hate the loss of the X-Files and even the Lone Gunmen.