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About: This is the perfect community for anyone that ever felt a little out of place, anyone who ever had trouble fitting in or just didn't feel 'in place' all the time. This is the community for anyone who is or has ever felt like a geek.

Whether you like playing video games, anything from consols to computers, fixing or building computers, or you are just addicted to the internet, this is for you. If you are obsessed with your music, movies, or your car, this is the place for you. If you were always the nerd in school and you actually DONT MIND going, this is the place for you.

The science geeks, the computer nerds, the music whores, video game buffs, or car freaks....this is, once again, the place for you. Or anyone else that just has something that makes them feel like a geek.

Yours Mods:

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Tara: founder of this community
Contact: arat927 or AIM: benjigccrazy.

Age: 19
Location: Georgetown, Kentucky

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Luke: co-mod of this community
Contact: curlydude007 or AIM: curlydude007.

Age: 20
Location: Georgetown, Kentucky

Rules for Applicants:

1. First, before you are accepted, you must please fill out our short and sweet application.
The first five people to join will be auto-accepted BUT you can still fill it out just so we get to know you better.

2. When filling out the application make sure to answer ALL the questions.

3. DO NOT post any other comments or entries until they are accepted (except on your own application) K thanks.

4. You will have the ‘standard’ 48 hour time frame to complete your application once you join the community.

5. Please be respectful to members who comment on your entries.
Be nice to these people….they are the ones who decide if you get in or not.

6. DO NOT delete any comments made by members on your application. You do this? You will be banned.

7. If you fill out an application and then decide you do not wish to be in the community…please tell one of the mods so voting will not progress pointlessly.

8. When filling out the application….please be honest. If not, you are out.

Rules for Members:

1. Respect all Members. Not everyone is just like you, understand that and respect it. The goal is to have diversity here. You will have three warning on this and then you are out...tough luck.

2. Once you are a member...post when ever and whatever you want. As long as it is appropriate...nothing of obscene or 'sexual' content will be tolerated here.

3. Once each applicant posts his/her application each member may vote on whether they should be allowed into the community. Do NOT be rude. Be honest, though. Understand everyone is different and even though you aren’t exactly the same they might still be valuable to this community

4. All members may bring up ‘topics’ for discussion in the community, questions, trivia, games, or the like to promote activity. Make sure the content is appropriate, though.

5. Likewise, if you are a member and leaving the community please notify us.

6. Lastly, HAVE FUN! :-)

(ps, if you want, promote us...dont have to, though.)



1. Why do you consider yourself a geek?
2. What type of geeky things have you done?
3. What geeky activities do you participate in?
4. What geeky ‘traits’ do you have?
5 Add one more thing about yourself that makes you geekish:

Favorites: (1-5 answers for each, please)
-Video games (either consol or computer):
-TV shows:

And just for fun; anything else you want to add to sway us a little more? (optional)

Have an awesomely rad time and good luck to all of you! :-D
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